Monday, 9 January 2012

A good day out

Thanks to DaveF, Rik, Ann, Lynne, Fran, JohnM, Shane, Steve & Meredith as well as all the crew from Laguna Brigade for such a good day out of MVA and HAZMAT training. Oh and thanks to the cows too [more of that on training update later.]

Much chagrin that Bucketty #1 crew were taken down by unknown WMD chemical agents [thankfully from which the cows demonstrated no ill effects]. However they were resurrected in time to suppress multiple vehicle fires and manage multiple casualties in the second scenario in conjunction with Laguna #7 Alpha and Laguna #9.

Thanks to Laguna Captain Paul & Brigade for putting on an excellent afternoon and lovely pizzas and much thanks go to the excellent unconscious bystanders [is it possible to be a lying-down bystander?], hidden casualties, drunk drivers & overly helpful citizens :))

Watch this space for more information of this coming weekend Village Firefighter skills training @ Bucketty station.

Bucketty #1 crew taking a spell from unconsciousness :)