Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rest day :)

Well, after a busy few days of burns and with a wildfire event thrown in there too (just to keep us on our toes), it's some well-earned down time for all the crews.
This was an excellent event, not only for the purposes of hazard reduction but also great training for incident control, crew resource management, safety,welfare, administration, comms and logistics.

On top of all that goodness, the middle of the day saw all units responded to a wildfire threatening a property some kilometres down the road from where we were working, started from a small private pile burn. Thankfully it was only a few k's down the road so we were able to get 5 units on scene swiftly and deal with the incident before any damage was done. A timely reminder that even though Fire Season is officially over, wildfire doesn't read the calendar!

So, big thanks to all the crews for their hard work both on the HRs and the wildfires - Laguna 7 Alpha, Laguna 7 Bravo, Wollombi 1 Bravo, Bucketty 1, Bucketty 9, Group 8 & Group 8 scribe and not to forget Support Charlie for most excellent lunch.