Wednesday, 2 May 2012

St. Florian's Feast & International Firefighters Day

This Friday May 4th is Saint Florian's Feast Day and International Firefighter's Day.

Saint Florian, patron Saint of Firefighter's (and chimney sweeps), was born in the third century AD, and lived during the reigns of the Roman emperors Diocletian and Maximian. 

Captain Florian was the head of an elite corps of Roman firefighters, and later became a General in the Roman army.

Legend has it that he saved an entire village from flames with a single bucket of water. Yet when told to renounce his faith, he refused. He was sentenced to die at the stake. Florian asked that his fire be built high enough that his soul could ascend to heaven in the smoke.   

Thus, he became protector of those who fight the peril of fire with water. 

International Fire Fighter's Day is traditionally marked by a sound-off on the first Sunday in May. Sirens across the world operate for 30 seconds at midday, followed by one minute of silence - to remember our fallen firefighters.

Bucketty #1 will be out on training exercise in Cessnock and will be participating at midday, but members of the brigade and community are welcome to attend the station for the short time over midday. 

Please advise by email if you'd like to attend so we can make suitable arrangements.