Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Village skills day out to Cessnock

Sunday was a great Group 8 day out to Cessnock Training Ground were we spent the day refreshing, re-learning and for some, learning for the first time, village firefighter skills.

Bucketty, Laguna, Millfield and Wollombi all fielded a tanker and crew to the event accompanied by Group 8 Captain Alan and Support Captain Jordis. We all enjoyed a full-on training day dealing with a whole gamut of burning cars, burning structures, injured dummies, injured real-people and a rather nice lunch provided by Lizzie from Support.

The last scenario of the afternoon threw all four Brigades and tankers into a multitude of structure fires in all the buildings at the same time which really demonstrated the excellent team work and comradeship we enjoy between us. Thanks to all for a most excellent day out and hope to see some of you on an upcoming VF Course.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

A top night out...

Bucketty crews responded quickly late on Friday evening to a vehicle alight dumped off George Downes Drive. Excellent work by our firefighters who safely dealt with the dual-tank LPG ute that was fully involved by the time we arrived. Thanks also to Wollombi 1 Bravo for responding and providing water supply for the extended cooling required on the vehicle. Great work all and home to bed :)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thought for a Thursday

"The very worst fire plan is no plan.  The next worse is two plans."  ~Author Unknown