Tuesday, 14 August 2012

13th August - Murray's Run Fire #2

More smoke rolling off the Murray's Run ridgetop had Bucketty#1 and crew responding down that way again on Monday afternoon.

Thankfully the flame was not in proportion to the smoke and we arrived to find a few sprinkles of fire amidst a lot of charred patchwork paddocks from an agricultural burn.

However it was a good exercise in call-out and also a timely reminder that whatever the time of year, under the Rural Fires Act you need to either contact the Brigade or FireControl [1800 NSW RFS or 1800 679 737] as well as your neighbours and give 24 hours notice of intent to burn. With 1st September and Fire Season fast approaching for those of us in Cessnock LGA this is even more important.

Much thanks to Stan, Steve, PaulB and Mark for the rapid response.