Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday Evening Update

Gosford RFS Mangrove Dam Catchment HR continues to burn and at times is sending large wide columns of black and brown smoke into the skies over our district, clearly visible above the ridgetops. They will continue working in that area tonight and tomorrow, with the possibility of helicopters working on observation and incendiary ignitions on Monday.

Earlier this afternoon Bucketty 1, Bucketty 9 and Laguna 7 responded to a triple-zero call from the Murray's run area of flame and smoke sighted over the ridge-tops. No fire was sighted though it was a good opportunity for a local patrol and fly the flag in the area again. Thanks to the excellent and rapid turn out; full crews responded for each vehicle which was just excellent. Thanks Crews for your valuable time and efforts this afternoon and thanks to the Community for keeping vigilant through this weekend.