Training and Development

You can find notices regarding Brigade training events and Zone courses here.

Next weekend training is 1000hrs SUNDAY 21st October @ Bucketty Station.

Currently Brigade training is as follows:

Third Thursday of each month
1630 - 1800
1830 - 2000

Third Sunday of each month
1000 - 1300

Some photos from November 2011 training

Drafting lesson time
At Bucketty RFS, we don't just put out fires.
We'll pump your pond and water the garden too!
Jerry cools down the crew
[Ed's note: No crew were harmed or cooled in the making of this photo :) ]

Talking of training...'s our President [Viva El Presidente] and one of our newest members demonstrating how to fail at hose rolling really really well. It was just one of those days :)

Whilst firefighting is a serious business, it's always good to take refuge in the lighter side of training and Brigade activities!